Gold Foil Premium Box

Each Mr.Spire piece comes inside a custom premium box, featuring our logo, and other graphics embedded in gold foil. On a matte black surface. Inside the box is padded with black foam to ensure Mr.Spire’s safety.


Authenticity Paper

Inside the Premium box is an authenticity paper, displaying that the figure is certified authentic by Spire Supply NYC Corporation.

Official Spire Supply Co™ Art Handling Gloves

On top of the premium box is a pair of officially issued Spire Supply Co™ Art Handling Gloves to keep fingerprints and dirt off of the figure and all other included accessories.

Mr.Spire Figure

Inside the premium box surrounded by black foam is the Mr.Spire figure. The figure features a magnetic head that easily snaps into place with the body. The figure stands at 9-in tall with an engraving under Mr.Spire’s Right foot.


150 USD

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